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Don't let your Premiere media go offline!


Like our renowned Project Parking for Avid Media Composer, Worx4 Pro understands the relationship between your Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects and bins and your media.

Worx4 Pro is a new application for users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC which solves the problem of knowing where the media for a project is. Now you can ensure that a project is not tied to an individual workstation, or help to stop an editor leaving the building with an audio track in his pocket!

Worx4 Pro will give the user a clear view of the location of media used within a project, where it is used within the project and whether the content is still online.

Worx4 Pro is available with support for both Window and Mac and is run on the local workstation to ensure that it can access all of the media volumes used by a project. 

Worx4 Pro Screenshot


Worx4 Pro 2

Worx4 Pro will show the layout of the content within the project, grouped by the location or the referenced items and the folder path.

The item selected in Worx4 Pro above and highlighted in RED is a media file that is in use within the project.

The media location is shown within the tree on the left of the application and this refers to the physical location of the file, shown in RED in the explorer window. The usage of the file in the project is shown on the right of the application, with the usage in a clip shown in ORANGE and the usage in a sequence shown in GREEN.

Once problem items are identified the user can move and update the project information and then refresh the information in Worx4 Pro (File > Refresh or F5) to see the updated status.  


We are now conducting trials with key customers, so to find out more, contact us