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Worx4 by Marquis Broadcast

Worx4 are a range of companion apps for Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X
Worx4 Pro is a media discovery tool for Adobe Premiere Pro identifying where all the media in a project is stored
Worx4 X massively reduces Apple FCP X project size, without quality loss or using compression 



  • "I love that it gives me an estimate of how much space I'm going to save!"


    "Having a solution that works quickly and reliably will be a great asset!"

  • "Really fast - impressively so"


    "A no brainer purchase for many users"

  • "Really dig this app and it's much needed"


    "It is really, really an amazing piece of software"

  • "It will change the workflow for a lot of companies handling large amounts of data"


    "Great job!"