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Worx4 X is a new application for users of Apple FCP X, which solves the problem of needing to consolidate, and trim media used in a project.

Worx4 X takes an FCP X XML that contains one or more Projects. It works through the XML finding all the media references, adds handles, joins any overlapping references and then copies just the used portions to a new directory.

Finally it writes the XML back out, into the same directory, but having adjusted the media references to point to the new media, and all the start times of the references to reflect the new trimmed lengths of the media. 


Worx4 X Features



Worx4 X Introduction:



Application Use

The first version of Work4 X can only consolidate FCP XMLs that describe one Project. Export these by selecting the project in the Event or Library and then using the ‘Export XML…’ menu item. From the options for the XML Version choose “Current Version (1.6)”.

From within Worx4 X, select your source XML file using the Browse… button. Worx4 will then report the total length of media used in the project, what the trimmed length will be, and the estimated saving in space.

This version of Worx4 X uses a default handle length of zero seconds.

Select a destination folder to write the trimmed media and the modified XML into. The application will automatically create a sub-folder named after the project.

Press Start to begin processing.Application Use

The Current Task progress bar will indicate how far through the current media file it has worked. The Overall progress bar will show progress of the complete task. Details on the processing are shown in the Information section of the application.

You can press Cancel to stop the processing at any time.

Media is written into the destination folder with each segment being named with the name of the source clip followed by an incrementing number. The new XML is created with the name of the current project. Media that is not trimmed is copied with the original filename with the suffix ‘-Copy’ and a number.

Once complete you can load the XML into FCP X to check that all the media is online. Alternatively you could move it to another workstation or facility for colour grading in Resolve, for example (note this has not been tested), though you may need to relink as the folder will probably end up with a different path.


Limitations in current release (V1.0) 

The first version of Worx4 X can trim the vast majority of routine Final Cut Pro X projects. It cannot trim everything that FCP X can create, we want to be clear about this.

> Worx4 X will not currently trim either MXF, M4A(AAC), AC3, CAF or mp3 media files, the whole file will be copied.
> QuickTime reference files will not be trimmed, the reference files are copied to a new directory, but will still reference QuickTime files in their original location, which will not have been trimmed and would potentially go off line if the new project is moved to a different workstation. We recommend you do not use Worx4 X on projects that use QuickTime reference files.
> WAV or AIFF files will not be trimmed if the preferences are set to 'Copy audio files without losing metadata'. Please set this option on first installation.
> Compound or MultiCam clips are copied in their entirety, media file which are longer than these clips will be trimmed to the length of the original Compound or MultiCam clip. However, breaking apart Compound clips will allow the media to be trimmed to that used in the timeline.
> Sync clips that contain a video clip and one or more audio clips, which entirely cover the used portion in the timeline will be trimmed, Sync clips that do not meet these criteria will not be trimmed, but copied in their entirety. Breaking apart such Sync clips will allow the media to be trimmed.