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So far, so good! I was hoping to find a tangible bug to assist in your beta-testing, but you’ve done such a good job that everything has worked seamlessly to date. Kudos to your designers and coders. Just amazing functionality.

Alvin Remmers, Feather Street Films

This would be a no-brainer purchase for many users

Really dig this app and it’s much needed

You have created a good solution that will help me back projects up and reduce my storage space needs

Testing Worx4X and loving. The question is really why did someone not think of this before!

It is really really an amazing piece of software and we are sure it will change the workflow for a lot of companies

"Worx4 X the brand-new editing app which massively reduces Apple FCP X project size, without quality loss or using compression." - Can't wait!

Great execution, even as Beta, and filling a big need

This is going to be huge

Been beta-testing this app and it will rock your FCP X world


We are very impressed with what you have been able to achieve in such a short time!

Really fast- impressively so!