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You’ve done such a good job, everything has worked seamlessly to date. Kudos to your designers and coders. Just amazing functionality.

Alvin Remmers, Feather Street Films

I love what you do for FCP X users! It’s a great program and your software helps with the missing features we all want! Thanks for all you do.

Rich Camp

Being able to consolidate the media and archive the project is a huge plus. I would recommend this to anyone who is using FCP X.

Oscar Carrillo

It ran perfectly, cut 7.92 GB of material down to 776 MB – a reduction of 90%

Tom Wolsky

Worx4 X is not only great when archiving, but it's a massive assistance when going mobile and taking a project on the road to continue editing.

Geoffrey Orthwein, Co-Director and Editor, Bokeh

FCP X has long needed a simple way to consolidate and trim projects and Worx4 X is it. It's rapidly become an essential part of my workflow and I think it's a must have app for every Final Cut editor.

Jeff Kirkland, Freelance Producer, Editor and Cinematographer

Worx4 X is one of the most useful third-party apps for FCP X. Where FCP X lacks any possibility to media manage your projects like FCP7 did, Marquis Broadcast will fill this gap. Very, very welcome.

Mark Luigjes, Senior Broadcast Editor, POV Media

As media sizes grow with the increase of 4K and higher resolution files, having an app like Worx4 X that can allow you to archive just the most vital elements of your projects is an absolute asset.

Adam Schoales, Freelance Editor

If you are juggling multiple projects on multiple drives and want to save space archiving then this is a great solution.

Paul David Murray, Final Cut Pro Editor and Authorised Apple Trainer