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Within Final Cut Pro X, select a project and choose "Export XML..." from the "File" menu in the menu bar. Be sure to make sure you select 'v1.6'. This will generate an fcpxml file that can be used by Worx4 X.

Change the handle length in seconds using the slider in Preferences > Media Handling > Handles. You can also see the length of the handles on the front page.

All the trimmed media and the FCP X XML are copied into the chosen folder. 

Yes. A text report is created and put alongside the folder that Worx4 X creates. This will be named after the source XML and will detail what Worx4 X has done during the processing, including the reason why it may have copied any files in full rather than trimming them.

Worx4 X is available with support for Mac OS 10.11 or later.

Worx4 X only works with v1.6 XMLs, which were introduced within FCP 10.3.

This depends upon a number of factors: length of the finished program, shooting ratio, resolution, bit rate, length of handles and how much material overlaps. On high quality long-form projects with high shooting ratios you might save as much as 99% of the space.

This is the time added before and after the use of the media in the timeline. Having handles means that you will be able to extend shots at a later date.

Sync clips that contain a video clip and one or more audio clips, which entirely cover the used portion in the timeline will be trimmed, Sync clips that do not meet these criteria will not be trimmed, but copied in their entirety. Breaking apart such Sync clips will allow the media to be trimmed.

For example if an audio clip is not long enough to run through the entire used section of video, or stops short of the video in point, as shown below, then the Sync clip is not trimmed.

Sync Clips


Worx4 X will be available on the Apple App store shortly.

We are keen to improve Worx4 X, so if you find a problem, please get in touch on the forum. Make sure to read the forum rules before posting as following the rules will speed up any investigation.

We would love to hear about your suggestions for new features in Worx4 X, please submit your suggestion on the Worx4 X forum.

The FCPXML only points to the Original Media, either within the event folder if it has been copied on import, or in the original location if it has not.

Worx4 X can trim QuickTime, M4V, WAV/AIFF and MP4 media. It will not currently trim either MXF, QuickTime reference files, mp3, M4A, AC3 or CAF media files.

Work4 X will optionally copy and trim WAV and AIFF if required but this will result in the loss of metadata. This can be controlled in the Preferences > Media Handling > Audio File Processing.

QuickTime reference files will be copied to the new directory, but will still be referencing QuickTime files that are in their original location and have not been trimmed.

We suggest you convert your media to another format such as self-contained QuickTime ProRes.

Please visit the Worx4 X support forum for more help and advice.

The preferences window can be accessed from the Worx4 X Audio Convert menu bar or with the Cmd+"," (comma) shortcut.

If changes are made to the preferences while a process is running the changes will be applied on the next operation.

Any locations that contain media used by a project that are not listed in Media Locations will appear in the list of Inaccessible Locations. Add new locations until there are no more listed and you will see a message at the bottom of the list that says "All media locations are accessible." You can add folders as Media Locations that are "higher" up the folder hierarchy than those listed. For example you could include your home directory rather than your movies directory and then you would not need to add another location if you have media files on your desktop.


For a more in depth explanation of media locations and sandboxing please read this article on Media Locations