Known Issues / Limitations

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Media files are offline after importing fcpxml (7159)

  • Paths to the media files inside the fcpxml are absolute paths, so if the consolidated project is moved, the paths will be wrong.
  • FCP will be able to relink to all the media files if it is pointed to the folder containing the consolidated clips.


Not working with certain .R3D files (7034)

  • Failure to extract audio from certain .R3D files created with RED SDK 6.1.0
  • We will need to implement the latest RED SDK in a forthcoming version


FCP displays a message saying "The item is not on an edit frame boundary"(7151)

  • This sometimes happens even if Worx4 X hasn't touched the fcpxml
  • This seems to happen sometimes when a clip that has been conformed, has been trimmed by Worx4 X
  • All media should be available, but edits may be up to a frame out.

    Clip goes black and/or silent after consolidation (7125)
  • This happens with some media files with conflicting timecode information. The right media will have been consolidated, but the fcpxml may tell
  • FCP to use pieces of it that are before/after the clip's start/end
  • It should be possible to adjust the clip in/out points in the FCP project to bring the video/audio back.


Ken Burns easing type is lost (7085)

  • The easing will always be set to "Linear" after importing an fcpxml
  • This is not a bug in Worx4 X. There is no data for easing type in fcpxmls, so this data would also be lost if an fcpxml had not gone through Worx4 X

    Clips used in Freeze frames are not properly trimmed (7067)
  • A clip used in a freeze frame should be consolidated to a clip with a duration of 1 frame, plus twice the handle duration, but they are often larger

Clip track names are different to what they were before consolidation (6927)

  • This can happen when FCP's Media Import settings are set so that it uses iXML data for track names
  • Clips are copied tot he library on import of fcpxml
  • This can happen when FCP's Media Import settings are set to copy media files on import